Tax Services


Whether you’re a corporation, partnership, LLC, or sole proprietorship, we’ll ensure that you receive the most advantageous tax treatment and guidance with your Federal, State, and local tax compliance. We will work closely with you to choose the right entity for your new endeavor, set up and maintain your bookkeeping, provide you with full service payroll processing, and provide you with CFO services to assist you in business strategy and tax planning.


In the ever-changing landscape of tax law, Ripple Tax provides comprehensive individual income tax services focused on tax compliance (filing your tax returns) and proactive tax planning and tax savings. We are here year-round to advise you on how your income and deductions will affect your tax liability. This approach of communicating throughout the year places us in a position to know about significant tax events and allows us to proactively help you implement tax savings strategies. We will use our comprehensive knowledge of your taxable income and Federal and State withholding to ensure that you are sufficiently withheld to avoid any underpayment penalties and to help you calculate any necessary Federal and State estimated tax payments. Finally, we will analyze your tax information and advise you on how you can reduce your tax liability, reduce your risk of audit, and advise you on how to use tax planning strategies to your advantage.


Ripple Tax, Inc. provides accounting, audit, and tax services to not for-profit organizations. An inherent issue with many charitable organizations is their limited administrative resources because the priority is to use funds for its charitable programming. In addition to our compliance services, we also assist our not-for-profit clients with recommendations regarding how best to maintain appropriate accounting processes and controls with limited resources.

Estate and Trust 

Ripple Tax will help you navigate the different estate planning options and work with you and your attorney to prepare a working estate plan. If you do not have an attorney, Ripple Tax works with several estate lawyers and can refer one based on your needs. If you are appointed as an executor of an estate, it might seem like an overwhelming and daunting responsibility. Ripple Tax will help you navigate the record keeping and tax filings required and help you understand how the tax laws will affect you and the beneficiaries. We will be there to give you peace of mind as you handle the affairs of a deceased loved one. Finally, Ripple Tax can help you to understand the many different types of Trust entities and help you decide if the formation of a Trust is in your best interest.

Audit & Attestation

Ripple Tax, Inc. is a full-service accounting and tax firm. Our attest services include preparation, compilation, review, and audit engagements for both for-profit and not-forprofit organizations. In addition to meeting our clients’ compliance needs, these engagements also give us the opportunity to identify and recommend improvements to accounting processes and controls that our clients expect from a trusted advisor.


Ripple Tax offers a range of accounting services for our business clients. Clients can opt to keep the accounting function in house and simply rely on us for the initial setup, training, and review, or alternatively, clients can hand over all facets of accounting so they can concentrate/focus on growing their business. Our accounting services team works directly with clients and their employees for both managerial and compliance accounting which means we have a full understanding and scope of the business. This approach of working together year-round ensures that we meet all state and federal deadlines and anticipate any tax liability cash flow requirements.


Creating and maintaining a clean ledger of a business’s revenues and expenses will set you up for success and provide peace of mind when filing year-end tax returns. Ripple Tax will assist you in setting up a customized bookkeeping system that works best for your specific needs. Whether tracking your income and expenses for your business, or creating a system for monitoring your household budget, we will help you set up a framework best suited for your needs and ability so that you have knowledge of your financial position on a real-time basis.


Whether you require payroll for your business or for household employees, we will help you register with the proper Federal and State government agencies and set up your payroll. Our payroll system is an affordable and user-friendly online interface that is easy to use and integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks™. Our accounting services team will setup your business for payroll, manage your employee data, and run payroll based on your scheduling preferences for hourly and salaried employees as well as contractors. Ripple Tax will submit all Federal and State payroll tax forms on your behalf and generate W-2’s for your employees. We will also provide 1099-Misc reporting for any independent contractor arrangements you have with your business entity.

Business Consulting

We work with small and midsize enterprises at all stages of growth. Once you have an idea for a business, we are the first step to ensure you select the most beneficial entity type and file all the necessary paperwork to begin your venture fully compliant. Stepping out on your own can be intimidating, but it is our job to make sure you start out on the right foot by providing various CFO services to assist you with business strategy, accounting, and tax planning.